Multi-Family Development

Clay|Adams develops multi-family and mixed-use properties that are a great fit with the community in order to attract the right tenants for low vacancy rates. Our properties are primarily upscale condominiums located in the central corridor of St. Louis.

Our focus on alignment means that we steadfastly respect the aesthetics and culture of the communities where we develop. Our upscale developments incorporate amenities that will be valued by tenants and enhance their living environment. 

We are invested in the success of the properties we develop, and this shows in the consistent attention to detail and high level of quality. 

Our dedicated contractor and design partnerships give us enhanced control over projects, develop efficiencies that allow us to offer high value and competitive rates, and mean we can nimbly develop properties on relatively short time frames when needed.

In short, the Clay|Adams’ team goes above and beyond to become a valuable partner for investors, tenants, and municipalities. 

Market Analysis & Site Selection
Construction & Development
Leasing & Management


Specializing in the central corridor of St. Louis

Integrated Property Services